2019 Lincoln Navigator

2019 Cadillac Escalade


top-notch tech & surplus room

The Lincoln Navigator utilizes top-notch materials on every single panel. Three rows of adult-size seating, an amount of cargo space that has never been seen before, and the latest modern technology powering the eye-catching infotainment screen. All screen and functionality controls are clearly labeled and easy to find. Access to the third row is a breeze with the second row having the ability to tilt and slide along with huge door openings, strategically placed grab handles, and retractable stepping rails. The range of driver comfort-ability is unparalleled thanks to adjustable pedals united with tilt-and-telescoping steering column capabilities to create that perfect amount of leg room. The 2019 Lincoln Navigator has a base MSRP price of $74,500 which is $2,000 less than the 2019 Escalade.


tech savvy but limited space

The Cadillac Escalade was made for comfort sporting beautiful, handcrafted materials to really bring about that sense of luxury. The engine is a V8 compared to the V6 Navigator but has less torque and fewer MPG. Both come standard with Bluetooth, navigation, satellite radio, key-less ignition, and cruise control. The Escalade comes standard with ventilated seats where the standard Navigator does not. Both SUVs comfortably seat 7 passengers. The Navigator has 4 more cubic feet of cargo space and a uniform amount of head space and leg room whereas the amount of room in the Escalade decreases from front to back. Overall, the Navigator is a slightly larger vehicle. The 2019 Cadillac Escalade has a base MSRP price of $76,490 with the standard model and the price will only increase with further luxuries.



MODERN redesign with style & PRESENCE

This Lincoln is ahead of its class with fresh new styling and a presence that is noticed even next to a Mercedes-Benz or Range Rover. A wide range of exterior colors brings a certain versatility to really represent the driver's style. This luxury SUV has front, side, and rear view cameras, daytime running lights, turn signal mirrors, and heated mirrors. Front license plate bracket, 22'' 6-spoke aluminum wheels, and a panoramic vista roof. Accessing the surplus cargo room is convenient and easy with the hands-free lift-gate. No matter if you are going on a big road trip or strolling through town, this Lincoln stands out from the crowd.



More of the same from Cadillac

Not much has changed with this new Escalade. No significant difference in power and the same exterior style makes it barely distinguishable from the 2018 model. This Cadillac has power-assisting steps, hands-free lift-gate, and 22'' wheels much like the Navigator. The hands-free lift-gate is convenient but uneven cargo space makes it difficult to load certain objects. Compared to the 2019 Lincoln Navigator, the Escalade has rear view cameras but a lesser variety of exterior color options, a lesser presence, and no fresh standout design.    


Responsive & accelerates in blink of an eye

As with any other luxury SUV, the Navigator performs best on premium fuel but drives surprisingly well, responding quickly to varying road conditions, with low-effort steering given its relatively larger size. Towing has never been easier with the ability to handle over 4 tons of weight. For every day use, regular fuel is fine but premium fuel is recommended for any towing needs. Braking is light and effortless with a certain smoothness other big SUVs tend to lack when you need to brake abruptly. With an unobtrusive stop-start system, 4-wheel drive, great MPG for a large SUV, and hill descent assisting technology the 2019 Lincoln Navigator is the perfect choice for any road trip or excursion on the town. 


get noticed driving & at the gas pump

The Escalade is also a 10-speed automatic but comes standard with a V8 engine. The engine is slightly more powerful than the Navigator but doesn't accelerate as quickly because of less torque. The Escalade has a great capacity for towing, brake assistance, and 4-wheel drive much like its Lincoln counterpart. The stronger engine translates into a lower MPG in both the city and on the highway. Low handling limits and heavy steering decrease the driving comfort and puts additional work on the driver. You will show up in that classic Cadillac style with this Escalade with small trips to the city but with less riding and cargo space the hassle with a longer road trip will start to drop heads. 



a vision of pure safety

When the masterminds at Lincoln designed the Navigator, safety was clearly on the forefront of their imagination. Rear door child safety locks along with LATCH child seat anchors tucked away in the creases of the seats and top tethers. There is even plenty of space for a rear-facing car seat. Voice controls enable you to input navigation directions or change the radio easily without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. Comprehensive driving aids such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and a collision detection warning system put worries to rest when taking the family on a vacation when unexpected distractions are bound to happen. Put your mind to ease  with the knowledge and confidence that you always drive safe behind the wheel of a Navigator with the most innovative safety features. 



profound safety features

The Escalade has a surround vision feature providing a bird's eye view of the immediate surrounding area when driving at very low speeds or in reverse. This is a projected view determined by sensors not an actual real-time view but helps increase your awareness when parking. Just like the Navigator, Escalade employs lane-keep assistance technology with lane departure warning. Forward collision alert monitors traffic and warns you of potential oncoming hazards. This Cadillac also comes with adaptive cruise control to adjust speed to match traffic flow. One feature that stands out is the safety alert seats. Safety alert seats send a discrete pulse to the side of the driver's seat indicating the direction of potential danger. One thing you can be sure of when buying an Escalade is that safety is of no concern to your drive.


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